Medicare-Aid: Medicaid for Medicare Recipients

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Medicare-Aid is a free Medicaid program for Medicare recipients who also have limited income and resources. The program can help you pay for Medicare premiums, copayments and deductibles.

There are three different levels of Medicare-Aid based on your income:

  1. Comprehensive Medicare-Aid (MQB-Q) covers:
  • Medicare Part B premium
  • Medicare Part A premiums (when applicable)
  • Medicare hospital deductible
  • Medicare annual deductible
  • 20% Medicare copayment

In some cases, if you go into a nursing home, Medicare-Aid covers the first 20 days. For more information, see Medicaid for long-term care.

  1. Limited Medicare-Aid (MQB-B) covers the Medicare Part B premium.
  2. Limited Medicare-Aid Capped Enrollment (MQB-E) also covers the Medicare Part B premium. Funds for this program may be limited.
Medicare-Aid Monthly Income Limits
Program Number in Family
  1 2
MQB-Q $1,064 $1,437
MQB-B $1,276 $1,724
MQB-E $1,436 $1,940

Medicare-Aid for Working Individuals with a Disability

If you returned to work and lost your entitlement to free Medicare Part A benefits, Medicare-Aid for Working Individuals with a Disability may pay your Medicare Part A premium.

To be eligible, you must be

  • Under 65
  • Disabled
  • Entitled to enroll in Medicare Part A

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