Identification Card

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When you are approved for Medicaid or Health Choice, you will receive an Identification (ID) card in the mail. You will receive one Medicaid ID and one Health Choice card for each eligible person.If your eligibility stops, keep the ID card in case you become eligible again.

IMPORTANT: Sign the ID card when you receive it.

You must present your card to your doctor, pharmacist or other provider at each visit so they can verify your eligibility.

Your primary care physician (PCP) and medical home will be printed on the card. This is the doctor you visit for general medical care and to receive a referral to a specialist. If you visit a doctor who is not your PCP without a referral, this new doctor will need to contact your PCP and obtain a referral before you receive care.

If your name or PCP changes, you will receive a new ID card with the updated information.

If you lose your ID card, call your county Division of Social Services office to request a replacement card.


NC Medicaid Contact Center
Phone: 888-245-0179