County Playbook: Medicaid Managed Care

The Department of Health and Human Services is committed to providing our county partners with resources to help Medicaid beneficiaries smoothly transition to managed care. This webpage is your "County Playbook," a place where general and detailed information will be stored to help you support North Carolina's transformation to Medicaid Managed Care. Your County Playbook will grow over time, with new documents added as soon as they are available.

Release 2: June 5, 2019

Fact Sheet 6 - Managed Care Populations and Enrollment Notices

1. Enrollment Packet_Mandatory Notice
2. Enrollment Packet_Exempt Notice
3. Enrollment Packet_Mandatory and Exempt in Household
4a. Enrollment Packet_Information Sheet
4b. Enrollment Packet_Enrollment Form
4c. Enrollment Packet_Comparison Chart
5. Managed Care Mandatory Notice
6. Managed Care Exempt - Newly Exempt Health Plan Member
7. Managed Care Exempt - Assigned to NC Medicaid Direct
8. Managed Care Exempt - Chose Health Plan
9. Managed Care Excluded - Health Plan to NC Medicaid Direct
10. Managed Care Excluded - Exempt (NC Medicaid Direct) to Excluded
11. Reminder Notice
12. Grievance Acknowledgement Notice
13. Grievance Resolution Notice

Instructional Guide for Managed Care Status Estimates by County Report

Instructional Guide for Outreach Materials

NC Medicaid Beneficiary Fact Sheet 
NC Medicaid Beneficiary Flyer
NC Medicaid Beneficiary Palm Card
NC Medicaid Beneficiary Poster
NC Medicaid Beneficiary QA

Release 1: May 22, 2019

Fact Sheet 1 - Introduction to Medicaid Transformation Part 1: Overview
Fact Sheet 2 - Introduction to Medicaid Transformation Part 2: Enrollment and Timelines
Fact Sheet 3 - Increase in Beneficiary Contact
Fact Sheet 4 - Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT): Part 1
Fact Sheet 5 - Warm Transfers and Referrals