NC Medicaid Ambassador Initiative

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Medicaid Ambassadors are volunteers who can help North Carolinians by:

  • Providing access to technology to complete an application online,
  • Helping them learn how to apply, and
  • Helping them navigate the state’s online Medicaid application in ePASS or the Federal Marketplace (

Medicaid Ambassadors cannot complete an application on someone’s behalf. They should not collect or ask for any personally identifiable information or personal health information.

Need help? Find a Medicaid Ambassador

A volunteer Medicaid Ambassador can walk you through the online Medicaid application (ePASS or and answer questions you may have about the application. They cannot complete an application on your behalf.

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Become a Medicaid Ambassador

Help people in your community! NC Medicaid Ambassadors:

  • Walk people through the online Medicaid application (ePASS or and answer application-related questions.
  • Help people understand what information may be needed to complete an application.
  • Refer someone to a NC Navigator or their local Department of Social Services (DSS) when needed.

You must be part of a community affiliated organization in order to become a Medicaid Ambassador.

Apply to be a Medicaid Ambassador

Learn more about the application process and the Medicaid Ambassador initiative

Choosing the right help for you 

If you need help applying for Medicaid, you can choose from these options:

  • Medicaid Ambassadors (this initiative) - They can answer questions about applying for Medicaid in-person or on the phone, walk you through the online Medicaid application (ePASS) and answer application-related questions. They cannot complete an application on your behalf.
  • NC Navigators - They can teach you about health insurance and find the best options for you. Navigators are federally qualified and offer hands-on help enrolling in Medicaid or marketplace insurance coverage.
  • Local Department of Social Services (DSS) - You can apply for Medicaid here in person, by mail, fax, or phone. They handle all applications, decide who's eligible, and can answer questions about eligibility or the status of your application. If you already have an application in process, they can update your personal information like your address or income.
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If you have questions about the Medicaid Ambassador initiative, contact