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NC Medicaid supports the health and wellbeing of more than 2.9 million North Carolinians, nearly one in four people across our state. At its core, the NC Medicaid provides critical health coverage for individuals and families with low income but also goes much further in improving the lives of North Carolinians of all ages. This includes support for medically fragile children, people with severe mental illness, as well as those in adult care homes and nursing homes.

Our vision is to improve the health of North Carolinians through an equitable, innovative, whole person, centered and well-coordinated system of care that addresses both the medical and non-medical drivers of health.

NC Medicaid remains dedicated to removing barriers to health care and providing health equity through unique and innovative programs. On July 1, 2021, NC Medicaid began its transformation to managed care for most Medicaid beneficiaries by changing the delivery of services to five health plans and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Tribal Option (the first of its kind in the nation). 

In July 2024, NC Medicaid will launch a behavioral health plan with services for individuals with significant mental health and substance use disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DDs), traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and people using state-funded and waiver services. 

One important way NCDHHS is operationalizing its commitment to buying health is through the Healthy Opportunities Pilots, a groundbreaking program that works in conjunction with the state’s transition to NC Medicaid Managed Care to test and evaluate the use of Medicaid to pay for a select set of evidence-based interventions designed to address non-medical factors that drive health outcomes and costs. 

In addition, NC Medicaid also oversees community alternatives programs for children and disabled adults, home health care and helps people transition from nursing homes to live in their own communities—and more. It also works closely with the North Carolina Department of Justice to identify and prosecute fraud, waste and abuse of the Medicaid program. 

As stewards of an annual budget of more than $18 billion in state and federal funds, NC Medicaid ensures more than 96,000 enrolled providers are reimbursed for delivering covered services. NC Medicaid continues to strengthen its fiscal integrity and remains steadfast in its responsibility to ensure sound oversight while continuing to provide valuable health programs and services.

This is an enormous responsibility, one that we are honored to share with our state and local partners. At NC Medicaid, our staff comes to work each day knowing that our contributions make a real difference in the lives of North Carolinians and the communities in which we all live and work.

To learn more about NC Medicaid, please visit our Reports webpage for a comprehensive look at Medicaid results and activities.