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NCTracks Common Questions: Currently Enrolled Provider vs. Office Administrator Change Process

Friday, February 1, 2019

This is part of an ongoing series to address common questions NCTracks receives from providers.

There has been some confusion over the difference between the currently enrolled provider (CEP) registration and the office administrator (OA) change process. To understand which you may need to use, please see the explanations below.

CEP registration serves two purposes:

• It was used by providers who were actively billing Medicaid at the time NCTracks went live (Legacy MMIS+ providers who were mailed an NCTracks registration letter with an authorization code, which is required to complete the currently enrolled provider NCTracks registration application) and needed to migrate to the NCTracks system.
• It is used to add an OA to the record when the record is active, but there is no OA on record. This is rare, but still available should a provider need it.

OA change process is used when:

• The previous OA is no longer available.
• You are the OA but you have a new NCID.
• You are an individual provider and you now want to become your own OA.

To update the OA for your provider record, complete a Change Office Administrator Application. For more information, please see the NCTracks Office Administrator (OA) Change Process webpage.

Individual pages for CEP and the OA Change Process can be found on the menu bar from the provider home page.

The OA Change Process webpage offers a Change Office Administrator Application Guide under Quick Links for more information on the online process, including some helpful hints. The CEP webpage offers a Step-by-Step Registration Guide under Quick Links. Providers are encouraged to review these materials for additional clarification.

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