Understanding New Remittance Advice Refund Message

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Beginning June 2020, the Remittance Advice (RA) will include a detailed explanation of any refund (Lump Sum / Miscellaneous Payment) issued to the provider. This message will be on the Financial Transactions page.

Providers are encouraged to review the refund message before contacting NCTracks as it will include the reason funds are being returned, original check number, check amount and TCN(s) if applicable.

There are various reasons a refund could be issued to a provider, including those described below:         

Refund Reason


Voided Claim(s)

NCTracks receives Check #12345 for $0.00. The provider sent in funds for TCN #1234567890000000. However, the claim had already been voided in the system and the funds were recouped via the checkwrite cycle. No adjustment is needed, and funds are returned.

Accounts Receivable (AR) Satisfied

NCTracks receives Check #12345 for $0.00. The provider sent in funds for AR FCN #1234567890000000. However, the AR was previously satisfied using checkwrite funds. All ARs are satisfied to a $0.00 balance. Excess funds are returned.

Provider sent in too much money

NCTracks received Check #12345 for $0.00. The provider sent in funds to adjust a specific TCN #1234567890000000. This claim was adjusted; however, the funds sent to cover this adjustment were more than what was needed. Remaining funds are returned.

TCN was already partially adjusted

NCTracks received Check #12345 for $0.00. After a partial adjustment was made on TCN #1234567890000000, an amount remained because of adjustments previously completed on the original claim. Remaining funds are returned.

Note: The RA is a helpful resource that includes details on provider payments, claims adjustments and voids, negative balance adjustments, and detailed claims and patient information. Providers should first refer to their RA for these types of information. Please note that if multiple individual claims apply to a refund, the RA refund message may be shortened.

NCTracks Contact Center: (800) 688-6696