SPECIAL BULLETIN COVID-19 #107: Continuation of COVID-19 Enhanced Rates

NC Medicaid is committed to ensuring beneficiaries continue to receive Medicaid and NC Health Choice services with no interruptions or delays due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

NC Medicaid has temporarily enhanced many reimbursement rates, including medical home per member per month payments, to support health care providers in delivering Medicaid services. NC Medicaid also committed to evaluating the need for and possibility of extending these temporary enhanced Medicaid rates past June 30, 2020. NC Medicaid has determined that it is both necessary and feasible to continue all of these enhanced rates into the new State Fiscal Year.  

While NC Medicaid will continue to evaluate evolving circumstances, we anticipate keeping the current temporary enhanced rates in place through September 2020. We will provide updates through subsequent bulletins as we move into the fall and reassess both needs and available funding.

Base rates for programs that require periodic updates per the NC Medicaid State Plan will continue to be updated as scheduled. COVID-19 enhanced rates for these programs will be recalculated using the applicable updated base rates.

Criteria for COVID-19 enhanced rates established in previous Special Bulletins will remain the same. For a schedule of rates, please refer to the Medicaid fee schedule webpage.

NC Medicaid will provide updates and additional details in upcoming COVID-19 Special Medicaid Bulletins.


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