Modified NCTracks AMH Tier Attestation Tool Available

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Advanced Medical Home (AMH) Tier Attestation Tool, available on the NCTracks Secure Provider Portal Status and Management page has been modified. Providers who no longer wish to serve as a state approved AMH Tier 3 provider may use this tool to downgrade from an AMH Tier 3 level provider to an AMH Tier 2 level provider.

In October 2019, NC Medicaid published an article informing providers of the manual process put in place until the automated process could be implemented. With the implementation of the automated process, providers will no longer need to submit a ‘paper’ request.  

Only AMH Tier Level 3 providers may downgrade, and only to an AMH Tier Level 2. The effective date of the change is the first day of the following month. Once a request to downgrade is submitted, no additional tier level changes are allowed for the affected NPI and location until after the effective date of the tier level change.

There is no repercussion for a provider who downgrades to AMH Tier 2. Once the downgrade is effective, a provider may re-attest to a higher tier at any time using the NCTracks AMH Tier Attestation Tool.

Upon successful downgrade, a confirmation message will be displayed. To review the current AMH Tier status, providers should refer to the AMH Tier Attestation tool available on the NCTracks Secure Provider Portal Status and Management Page. 

Providers with questions about the AMH Program should refer to the Advanced Medical Home webpage

NOTE: Although NC Medicaid notifies PHPs of any AMH Tier status changes, providers may also wish to contact the PHP to ensure the accuracy of their agreement/contract.  

The AMH Tier Attestation Job Aid can be found here


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