Advanced Medical Home Tier 3 “Glidepath” Payments Update

<p>The Advanced Medical Home Glidepath Attestation functionality is now live in NCTracks.&nbsp;</p>

This bulletin is an update to the Feb. 1, 2021 Medicaid Bulletin. The Advanced Medical Home (AMH) Glidepath Attestation functionality is now live in NCTracks. The AMH Glidepath Attestation can be found within the AMH Tier Attestation page in the NCTracks Provider Portal. Please refer to the AMH Tier Attestation Job Aid on the NCTracks website for specific directions on how to arrive at this page.  

Effective April 1, 2021, as part of the transition to Medicaid Managed Care, NC Medicaid will offer time-limited payments to practices that have attested as an AMH Tier 3 if they can demonstrate successful readiness for AMH Tier 3 responsibilities (see Eligibility).  

  • The payments, called “AMH Tier 3 Glidepath Payments,” will be $8.51 per member, per month (PMPM), paid by NC Medicaid in addition to eligible practices’ existing Carolina Access II PMPM payments.  
  • AMH Tier 3 Glidepath Payments are intended to provide an incentive for managed care launch readiness as well as provide funding to offset some of practices’ Tier 3 implementation costs.  
  • Payments will be available for the months of April, May and June, 2021, only.   

An AMH Glidepath presentation is available on the Advanced Medical Home webpage under "Resources."

A. Eligibility 

To receive AMH Tier 3 Glidepath payments, a practice must attest to meeting the following requirements: 

  1. Successfully completed NCTracks attestation as an AMH Tier 3.  
    The process for AMH Tier 3 attestation is described in the CSRA AMH Tier Attestation guidance dated May 28, 2020. Practices are advised to check their AMH attestation status within the NCTracks Provider Portal. 
  2. Completed contracting at a Tier 3 level with at least two health plans.   
    The practice may contract with one or more additional health plans at a lower Tier level, as long as the practice has at least two signed contracts at the Tier 3 level. 
  3. Undergone successful data exchange with at least two health plans.  
    Practices must attest to meeting data exchange readiness milestones as part of their Tier 3 glidepath attestation. The AMH Tier 3 practice or its contracted Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)/other partner must have: 
    • Completed necessary technology work required to ingest all required/mandatory AMH data interfaces per the published state technical specifications.  
    • Completed at least one full round of testing with at least two (2) of its contracted health plans for all required AMH interfaces. One full round of testing includes demonstration of the ability to systematically ingest test AMH files for all required/mandatory interfaces and submission of test results to health plans.  
    • Completed defect resolution from the full round of testing and be on target to complete additional testing as needed to operationalize required/mandatory AMH interfaces aligned with the Medicaid production schedule. 

While AMH Tier 3 practices will be responsible for attesting to completion of data exchange requirements, CINs/other partners may complete these data exchange testing requirements on behalf of contracted practices if the AMH and CIN have an active association and if that CIN will be performing data exchange on behalf of the AMH practice after managed care launch.   

AMHs (or CINs/other partners) and health plans must test the following required/mandatory data exchanges:

  • Beneficiary Assignment Interface
  • Pharmacy Lock-in Interface
  • Medical Professional Claims Interface—includes separate header and line interfaces
  • Medical Institutional Claims Interface—includes separate header and line interfaces
  • Pharmacy Claims Interface—includes separate header and line interfaces
  • Dental Claims Interfaces—includes separate header and line interfaces

Health plans have selected a small number of CINs/AMH Tier 3 practices as testing partners to support AMH data interfaces testing as part of Medicaid’s end-to-end testing efforts to ensure all data exchange systems are working prior to managed care launch. Practices and their affiliated CINs/other partners who are participating in end-to-end testing are considered by NC Medicaid to have met the AMH Tier 3 Glidepath data exchange testing requirements as part of their participation in end-to-end testing. Those AMHs will still need to attest to meeting eligibility for Glidepath payments in NCTracks. 

B. Attestation and Timing

Practices may complete attestation at any time before June 1, 2021 to receive glidepath payments. Practices will only be required to complete the AMH Tier 3 Glidepath attestation once. NC Medicaid will validate practices prior to initiating payment for each month. To receive AMH Tier 3 Glidepath payments for each month, practices must complete attestation before the deadlines listed below:

  • For payment in April, May and June: complete attestation no later than March 30, 2021, at 5 p.m. ET
  • For payment in May and June only: complete attestation no later than April 27, 2021, at 5 p.m. ET
  • For payment in June only: complete attestation no later than May 26, 2021, at 5 p.m. ET

Once an AMH Tier 3 practice has attested to meeting these milestones in NCTracks, NC Medicaid will validate that the practice is enrolled with NC Medicaid and attested as an AMH Tier 3 before initiating AMH Tier 3 Glidepath payments. NC Medicaid will also collect reports from health plans to validate that each Tier 3 practice has contracted at the Tier 3 level and has completed the required data exchange testing.

E. Payment

Practices that complete attestation and are validated by NC Medicaid for the AMH Tier 3 Glidepath will receive $8.51 PMPM. This payment will be added onto existing Carolina Access Medical Home payments that the practice currently receives. Payments will be based on the Medicaid population currently enrolled with the practice, even if not all current Medicaid members will be assigned to the practice after managed care launch.


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