Potential Clinically Integrated Networks or Other Partners Statement of Interest
All responses have been received and are available.

All responses have been received and are available.

Advanced Medical Home Plus (AMH+) practices and Care Management Agencies (CMAs) may choose to contract with a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) or other partners to share responsibility for specific functions and capabilities required to operate as an AMH+ practice or CMA and meet the requirements of the Tailored Care Management.

To give providers additional information about the North Carolina CIN or other partners market, in May and June 2021, the Department solicited responses to a voluntary, non-binding Statement of Interest on the type of services that CINs and other partners offer to providers applying to become certified as AMH+ practices and CMAs. 

The Department has compiled all responses received from CINs and other partners and is making this information available to prospective AMH+ practices and CMAs and other stakeholders on the Tailored Care Management webpage. Please send any comments or questions to Medicaid.TailoredCareMgmt@dhhs.nc.gov.

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