Voluntary Reverification Coming Soon for Some Providers

Open to providers who were due for reverification during the Public Health Emergency. Ends March 31.

When the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) ends, so will the suspension of reverification activities for providers enrolled in NC Medicaid. At that time, letters will be sent to providers for whom reverification was deferred during the PHE as well as those providers with approaching reverification due dates.  

NC Medicaid has developed a unique opportunity for providers to complete the process early by voluntarily submitting a reverification application when the reverification option is displayed in the secured provider portal of NCTracks. The Voluntary Reverification Program is applicable to only those providers who were due for reverification during the PHE, and includes:

  • A special NCTracks notification being sent to the Office Administrator (OA) which describes the option to voluntarily complete a reverification application 
  • Upon notification, the provider’s NPI will display in the Reverification section of the NCTracks Status and Management page for 30 days.  
  • No adverse action will occur if the provider does not submit the voluntary reverification application. In other words, providers will not be suspended or terminated if they choose to forego their reverification application while the special voluntary program is presented.
  • If the voluntary reverification application is submitted, the provider must follow through to completion to avoid any delays or adverse action. 
  • Providers who submit their reverification application before it becomes mandatory at the conclusion of the PHE will benefit from the $100 NC Application Fee waiver, which expires June 30, 2023.

This is a time-limited opportunity that allows providers to get ahead of the reverification rush. The voluntary program begins Jan. 8, 2023, and ends March 31, 2023. NCTracks will not allow a Managed Change Request (MCR) to be submitted for the designated NPI while the reverification application is being made available. During this time, updates to the provider record can be submitted via the reverification application instead.

Reverification will be mandatory at the end of the PHE.

As with any application submitted through NCTracks, there is a defined credentialing and/or revalidation process for reverification applications. Any additional documents requested, site visits, or required fingerprinting must be completed to maintain active provider participation.  


NCTracks Call Center: 800-688-6696

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