Transition Dates Announced for NC Medicaid’s Comprehensive Independent Assessment Entity

NC Medicaid Direct programs will transition to NCLIFTSS by Oct. 6, 2023

On June 15, 2023, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services announced Keystone Peer Review Organization, Inc. (Kepro) was awarded the contract as NC Medicaid’s Comprehensive Independent Assessment Entity (CIAE).  

Kepro, also known as Acentra Health, features a customer support center to serve as a single point of entry to obtain long-term services and supports (LTSS) programs in NC Medicaid Direct. The customer support center is called NC Medicaid Linking Individuals & Families for Long-Term Services and Supports (NCLIFTSS).

NCLIFTSS is designed to streamline access to LTSS, reduce wait time between initial contact and service enrollment, enhance quality through increased provider training and technical support, improve coordination between NC Medicaid Direct and other benefit plans and offer a dedicated resource center/line for Medicaid beneficiaries. NCLIFTSS will:  

  • Process Personal Care Services (PCS), Community Alternatives Program for Children (CAP/C), and Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP/DA) referrals  
  • Process Pre-Admission Screening and Resident/Review process (PASRR) Level II, in addition to providing management and oversight
  • Track and manage transition of care (TOC) from Standard Plans to NC Medicaid Direct  
  • Perform option counseling to individuals residing in Nursing Facilities  
  • Conduct assessments and quality assurance reviews
  • Oversee service plan management
  • Operate a customer support center
  • Conduct provider training  

The transition hand-off from Liberty to Kepro/Acentra Health for PCS is described below.




Transition Date  










NC Medicaid Direct PCS   












TOC (Option Counseling) 




The transition hand-off from Liberty to Kepro/Acentra Health for PCS is described below.  

Independent Assessment (IA)  Workflow Streams

Closure of IA Workflows by Liberty 

Instructions for PCS Providers 

Assumption of IA workflows by Kepro/Acentra in September 2023

Processing referral requests and conducting of in-person initial assessments   

9/22 COB – Liberty stops receiving and processing faxes

9/22 COB – Liberty stops processing 3051s 

9/22 COB – Liberty stops scheduling appointments for in-person assessment 

9/22 COB – Liberty’s last day to conduct in-person   assessments 

9/25-9/26 – Liberty continues to enter referrals in QiReport. 

9/27 COB – Liberty stops processing expedited assessments by phone

9/25 – PCS providers contact Kepro to manage referrals concerns/questions 



9/25  Kepro/Acentra begins accepting and processing faxes in their customer support center. 

9/26 – Kepro/Acentra begins processing 3051s and working with physicians and others related to referrals 

9/25 – Kepro/Acentra begins scheduling in-person assessments from newly received 3051s, annuals from Sept. 15, 2023, forward and any carry over work Liberty couldn’t close out before their closure dates.

10/2 – Kepro/Acentra begins processing expedited assessments upon new requests and closing out expedited assessments Liberty wasn’t able to close out by 9/27. 

Field billing questions/issues


Enter PA requests in NCTracks

9/25 COB - Liberty stops taking provider billing questions/issues and requesting VieBridge to extend PAs.




VieBridge initiates the extension PAs for all annual assessments through October 2023. PCS providers should follow their current procedure for reporting billing issues by alerting Liberty or sending an email to through 9/13-26. 

10/2 – all billing inquiries should be sent to  

9/26 - Kepro/Acentra begins processing billing questions/issues and researching the need to extend PAs as requested by providers. 

Annual and Initial assessments for  in-home and facilities  

7/15 – Liberty stopped scheduling  annual assessments and PAs were extended for all individuals impacted.  

9/22 – Liberty stops conducting in-person   assessments.

9/25 – PCS providers begin to coordinate with Kepro/Acentra Health for scheduling of assessments 

After 10/2, Kepro/Acentra begins conducting in-person assessments from new referrals, carry over referrals, change in status requests and expedited assessments. 

EPSDT STI PA entry and notification

Service Plan (SP) reviews for EPDST qualification, manual SP and removing SP

Short Term Increase (STI)

9/27 – Liberty stops entering EPSDT STI PAs and notifications.

9/25 – Liberty stops reviewing service plans.

9/25 COB- Liberty stops processing STI.

9/28 – PCS providers will notify Kepro/Acentra using for assistance with EPSDT STI PA and service plan.

9/27-9/29 – NC Medicaid will work with VieBridge to extend hours as needed 

10/2 – Kepro/Acentra begins entering PA for EPSDT STI, service plan reviews, and turning 21 processes.

Processing of Late Provider Acceptance (LPA), All Provider Rejection (APR), and No Provider Selection (NPS)

9/25 COB – Liberty stops entering APRs and NPS 

9/29 noon – Liberty stops processing LPAs received between 8/1-8/31 

9/25-9/29 - Liberty manages notices sent to providers and beneficiaries regarding LPA, APR and NPS. 

10/2 – Kepro/Acentra manages the processing of LPA, APR and NPS that are generated beginning 9/1.


Mail – all types 

9/29 COB – Liberty stops managing mail generated by QiReport. 

Notice letters will continue to be on Liberty’s letterhead through 9/29/23.  Information that needs to be return from a notice letter after 10/2 should be mailed, faxed, or emailed to Kepro/Acentra; see contact below. 

10/2 – Kepro/Acentra manages all mail generated by QiReport and manual notices generated within their organization. 


The transition hand-off for initial assessments from the CAP/C and CAP/DA to Kepro/Acentra Health is described below.  

Core Administrative Waiver Function

Transition Date from the CAP Case Management Entities 

Kepro/Acentra Assumes Core Administrative Waiver Function 

Initial Assessment for determining level of care (LOC) and reasonable indication of need 

9/22  CAP/C and CAP/DA case management entities (CMEs) will stop receiving initial requests to complete initial assessments 

10/13  CME must submit in the e-CAP systems completed initial assessments they were assigned between 9/13-10/13

10/2 – Kepro/Acentra begins scheduling initial assessments 

10/23 – Kepro/Acentra begins conducting in-person visits. 

NCLITFSS is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Address: 2000 Centregreen Way, Ste 220 Cary, NC 27513  
Telephone number: 833-522-5429
PCS fax number: 833-521-2626
CAP/C and CAP/DA fax number: 833-470-0597
Website: NCLIFTTS | Home (



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