Reminder for Home Health Providers: Associations in the Sandata System

How to create an association in Sandata allowing providers to work with their clients

In the Sandata electronic visit verification (EVV) platform, there are services that do not require a prior authorization (PA) in NC Medicaid Direct but do require an association be established in the Sandata system so providers can work with their clients. The information below gives specific details regarding this process.

How to Associate Clients and Schedules Visit Maintenance (Updated)

To record authorization to associate client to provider. Entering an association in Sandata allows the provider to view and manage visits for clients.

These services include:

To Create a Client

View the training video to learn how to search for and create clients. Create Client - Sandata EVV ( (4:31 minutes).

For these services, an association needs to be established in the Sandata system between the client record and the provider agency (if it does not exist already). This association allows the provider to view and manage the visits for these clients.

To learn how to create, manage and view record authorizations, view the training video “NC Client-Employee-Authorizations” video at this link. Adding authorizations is demonstrated starting about minute 39.5 of the recording. A fact sheet on how to create the authorization to associate the client with the agency can be found at this link.

Note: This instruction applies to Sandata EVV only, not to Alternate EVV solution. This association does not apply to physical therapy (PT) RC420, occupational therapy (OT) RC430 and Speech Language Pathology RC420 which requires a PA in NCTracks that automatically generates the association.

To Schedule an Entry

All home health visits in Sandata require one of the following actions:

  • Option 1: Enter a scheduled visit in the system that aligns with the time and date of services provided.
  • Option 2: Clear the unscheduled visit related exception from the visit maintenance section to allow the visit to go into verified status.

The services that require either a schedule or a cleared exception include:

  • Therapy visits – RC420, RC424, RC430, RC434, RC440 & RC444
  • Aide visits - RC570
  • Skilled nursing visits - RC550, RC551, RC559, RC580 & RC581
  • Home Health Services Therapy Evaluations - RC424, RC434 & RC444

A training video on How to Create a Home Health Visit Schedule is also available.

The full library of Sandata training videos can be found at Sandata Technologies ( Enter your Zendesk credentials to login and access.


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