Quality of Care Fact Sheets Available

Fact sheets provide key findings, trends, improvements and new programs

Recently NC Medicaid released a series of fact sheets that detail the quality of care provided to beneficiaries across several key areas.  

  • Racial Disparities in Vaccination: highlights disparities in vaccination by race and ethnicity across child, adolescent and adult beneficiary populations.
  • Behavioral Health Services: discusses how NC Medicaid child, adolescent, and adult beneficiaries with behavioral health needs receive services for and have their needs met by the services that NC Medicaid offers.
  • Tobacco Use, Substance Use, and Substance Use Disorder (SUD): focuses on the medical care and care coordination for beneficiaries experiencing tobacco addiction, substance (tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs) dependency, and substance use disorder.

In addition to discussing key findings, each fact sheet describes some of the work NC Medicaid is doing to sustain positive trends, improve care, or implement new programs. These sections explore performance improvement projects (PIPs), the Section 1115 Demonstration: SUD Waiver, NC Medicaid’s withholds program and other initiatives.  

The information in these fact sheets is drawn from quality and survey measures, which NC Medicaid uses to evaluate the quality of care that beneficiaries receive.  

  • Quality measures evaluate Medicaid members' access to high quality, effective healthcare services. NC Medicaid uses a combination of external measures created and endorsed by national measure stewards (such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the National Committee for Quality Assurance) and internal measures specific to the NC Medicaid population.  
  • Survey measures evaluate healthcare services, providers, systems, and policies based on the experiences reported by Medicaid beneficiaries, providers, and other partners.  

For further information on methodology, please refer to the Quality Fact Sheets Readers Guide.

New fact sheets will be posted on the NC Medicaid Quality Management and Improvement webpage under the NC Medicaid Quality Fact Sheet Series section. For questions pertaining to these fact sheets or their methodologies, please visit the NC Medicaid Quality Management and Improvement webpage



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