Electronic Visit Verification for NC Medicaid-Funded Personal Care Services and Home Health Services

Manual entries and Sandata Mobile Connect 2.0.

The purpose of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is to track and monitor timely service delivery and help ensure access to care for NC Medicaid Direct beneficiaries. Providers should always use EVV to capture Personal Care Services (PCS) and Home Health Care visits. On rare occasions when the caregiver is unable to use EVV, a manual entry into the Sandata Aggregator is allowed.

Manual entries will not cause a claim to deny; however, they should be kept to a minimum of 15% or less. Providers should capture EVV data elements electronically at least 85% of the time using one the following electronic methods:

  • Smart device using mobile app (MVV) (preferred method)
  • Fixed Visit Verification device (FVV) FOBs (recommended)
  • Telephony (TVV)

Best Practices to Avoid Manual Edits

  • All providers should create a schedule for each beneficiary ahead of time. The schedule should not extend beyond a two-week period. Reference https://sandata.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/21128375387667-Scheduling-in-EVV for more information.
  • Call In/Out from Client’s phone registered in EVV system at time of arrival and departure. Please consider this clocking in and out for payment.

To further support the appropriate use of EVV and to capture data electronically, Sandata has introduced Sandata Mobile Connect version 2.0. The new version is a faster, easier and simplified method to capture visits.

Providers must download the Sandata Mobile Connect App from the Apple App Store or Google Play to receive Version 2.0. The current version will no longer be available after June 2024. For more information about Sandata Mobile Connect 2.0, use this link.


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