Waitlist for the NC Medicaid Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults Program

Effective Feb. 16, 2024, individuals requesting to receive services may be placed on a waitlist.

With assistance from local CAP/DA case management entities and newly appointed comprehensive independent assessment entity, assessments for CAP/DA significantly increased over the past year, resulting in maximum utilization of the waiver slots. As a result, individuals requesting services through the CAP/DA waiver may be placed on a statewide waitlist. Individuals placed on a waitlist will receive a letter to notify them of their placement and explain how the waiting list works. Information will also include other Medicaid or community services available to them while they wait.

NCLIFTSS, the organization that manages CAP/DA referrals and assessments, can tell individuals on the waitlist, their number on the list. The contact number for NCLIFTSS is 833-522-5429.  

The current CAP/DA waiver is approved for a five-year period, through Oct. 31, 2024, with a capacity of 11,648 slots. In each waiver year, vacated slots can be reassigned to unduplicated participants to ensure access to Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS).  

During the waiver period, the concept of sharing slots regionally and statewide was implemented to decrease wait times and eliminate waitlists. This allowed nearly 1,000 individuals to move off a county-wide wait list and link them to CAP/DA or other community services. This ensures individuals receive faster access to services to meet their community living needs.

Currently, the CAP/DA waiver is in a renewal period. Planning for the renewal of the waiver includes a request to the NC General Assembly to increase the slot capacity to serve at least an additional 1,000 unduplicated individuals.

The CAP/DA is a 1915(c) HCBS waiver that offers services to physically disabled individuals with severe and chronic conditions who meet a nursing facility level of care but can return to or live in their home communities with the support of HCBS. 


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