NC Health Choice has moved to Medicaid

Effective April 1, 2023, NC Health Choice beneficiaries automatically moved to the Medicaid program. There is no action needed by beneficiaries or providers.

What changes for beneficiaries?

As part of Medicaid, beneficiaries still get the same health benefits, plus they:

Will beneficiaries get a new Medicaid ID card?

Beneficiaries keep their Medicaid ID number (also called recipient number). A new Medicaid ID card will arrive in the mail. Until then, keep using the current ID card.

Will beneficiaries need to find a new provider?

Nearly all providers who accepted NC Health Choice also accept Medicaid.

What do providers need to do?

Providers should continue to verify a beneficiary’s eligibility through NCTracks using their Medicaid ID number.



NC Medicaid Contact Center


This page was last modified on 04/03/2023