Provider Data Management / Credentialing Verification Organization

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The new Provider Data Management / Credentialing Verification Organization (PDM/CVO) is a timesaving, cost-effective and scalable solution that consolidates provider data management and furnishes a centralized solution to coordinate enrollment, credentialing and ongoing data maintenance among the payers as a multi-payer system. 

The PDM component will have the capability to manage data intake and maintenance throughout the provider lifecycle, and the CVO component will perform credentialing on behalf of NCDHHS. In addition, this solution will:

  • Improve user experience by eliminating redundant data entry across multiple plans, simplifying registration for multi-payer providers, enhancing security controls and providing real-time assistance. 
  • Address NC Medicaid program needs by reducing provider administrative burden in NC Medicaid Managed Care and NC Medicaid Direct and upgrading data architecture and modularity.
  • Align with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Standards and Conditions to support seamless coordination, integration, and interoperability.

PDM/CVO will be operational in early 2024.