Payments to Providers

Medicaid Payments to Providers reports, required by North Carolina Session Law 2014-100 Section 12H.15(a), include the following Medicaid claims provider data:

  • Name of the individual providing the service.
  • Location of provided services, listed with both municipality and county.
  • Practice name, hospital name, or other business name.
  • Type of service provider and practice area.
  • Number of Medicaid patients seen.
  • Number of visits with Medicaid patients.
  • Number of procedures performed or items furnished for Medicaid patients.
  • Amount of Medicaid service payments received.

The information is being published in both Excel and character-separated values (CSV) plain text formats so that the data may easily be imported into software used for spreadsheets, databases, and data analytics.

Reports and Dashboard

Report Notes

  • State Fiscal Years are July 1 through June 30
  • Claim payments are based on payment date to the provider (not date of service).
  • Where applicable recipient totals less than 11 and paid amounts less than $10,000 have been removed for privacy concerns.
  • Medicaid supplemental payments and settlement payments are excluded because they are not processed within the Medicaid claims system. They will be listed later in a separate report.
  • “Unknown” county names are due to missing provider information in NCTracks.

This page was last modified on 02/07/2024