Transformation Reports

Medicaid Transformation reports fulfill North Carolina Session Law 2016-121, Section 2(h)(e)(9), and include:

  • Enrollment by program aid category by county
  • Per member per month spending by category of service
  • Spending and receipts by fund; detailed variance analysis
  • Results compared to the forecast and budget for same period

The Medicaid Transformation Seven-Year Forecast legislative report (per Session Law 2018-5, Sec. 11H.9), issued April 9, 2019, is available under Legislative Reports.

Report Definitions and Descriptions

Reports and Dashboard

Report Notes

  • “State Fiscal Year-to-Date” is the prior July 1 through the current month
  • Financial data are reported based on payment date or receipt of funds (not on date of service)
  • Significant variation in financial results may occur month-to-month due to timing of payments and receipt of funds
  • Monthly information should not be used to project annual results without appropriate adjustments
  • Enrollee counts reflect only those enrollees who are known at the end of the prior month and do not capture retroactive enrollments

More Information

Monthly and annual enrollment counts by county and budget group