Community Partners: End of COVID-19 Federal Public Health Emergency (PHE)

Information to Share with Beneficiaries and Providers


Please encourage beneficiaries to do the following:

  1. Report all changes, including updating address and other information:

    • Do not miss important benefit communications – provide a current mailing address, phone number and contact information to their Local DSS
    • Report any life changes to their local DSS as these may impact beneficiary coverage. These changes may include marriage or divorce, the birth of a baby, starting a new job or moving to another state.
  2. Check their mail. Their local DSS will send a notice if any information is needed. It is very important to respond if DSS asks for information.

We want to provide you with consistent messaging tools to use in your interaction with the beneficiary community. Please see the NC Medicaid End of PHE Toolkit linked above for a variety of helpful resources. 

Beneficiary information is available on the End of PHE/Beneficiary webpage, including a link to the NC Medicaid Beneficiary Portal


As the PHE is winding down, there are many communications that will help with provider revalidations, beneficiary eligibility verification through NCTracks and information about a variety of rates and other flexibilities that will affect their claims and billing. Please direct providers to the End of PHE/Provider webpage for detailed information that will be helpful to them. 

Webinars and Other Resources

NC Medicaid provides helpful information for community partners and stakeholders at the following webinars: