Electronic Visit Verification – Implementation Update

Thursday, December 31, 2020

January marks the go-live date for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Phase 1 Implementation. Beginning on January 1, 2021, all providers subject to the Federal EVV mandate should make every effort to capture visits through their chosen EVV solution. Recognizing the challenges of implementing new processes, training staff, and loading clients in the EVV solution, NC Medicaid has provided flexibility through January 31, 2021, in capturing visits through your selected EVV solution. After January 31, 2021, providers should have accessed technical assistance for onboarding and system malfunctions, received welcome kits, and client loads. 

NC Medicaid is aware that some provider agencies may not have access to their full client load. For the EVV validation to be successful, provider agencies will need access to your full client load, welcome kit, and quick technical assistance to resolve issues. Between January 1, 2021 and January 31, 2021, NC Medicaid, in collaboration with Sandata, will ensure all providers have access to full client load and remediation of issues. Once your agency has the tools needed to validate visits through your EVV solution, providers are expected to begin EVV visit capture. Until that time, agency service delivery and claims adjudication remain the same. 

SPECIAL NOTE: At January 1, 2021 EVV go-live providers will not be required to complete PCS services calendar as a part of Phase 1 implementation.  The completion of PCS services calendars will not be required until after the notice and comment period has closed for clinical coverage policy 3L State Plan Personal Care Services (PCS).

NC Medicaid is aware that all Alternate EVV Solutions may not have completed interface testing with Sandata. Regardless of your status with testing, Alternate EVV Solutions are expected to turn on their visit capture feature as of January 1, 2021 and allow provider agencies to begin EVV visit capture.  

Providers experiencing any technical difficulty should contact Sandata Customer Care Support team at (855) 940-4915 or NCCustomerCare@Sandata.com. Providers who have questions regarding EVV Policy related to the PCS and Community Alternatives Program (CAP) Programs should email the Medicaid EVV team at Medicaid.EVV@dhhs.nc.gov 

For Technical Support with Alternate EVV Solutions, please contact Alt EVV Support at NCAltEVV@Sandata.com or 844-289-4246. 

For more information about EVV, please visit the NC Medicaid EVV webpage.