Legislative Reports


Tab/Accordion Items

SL 2015-245, Section 4(10)b, as amended by HB 403 - Plan for Implementation of Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disability Tailored Plans

March 2018

SL 2015-268, Sec. 4.4 – Medicaid Beneficiary Management Lock-in Program

SL 2017-57, Section 11H.25.(b) – Study of the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

SL 2017-57, Section 11H.22.(e) - Report on Support Improvement in the Accuracy of Medicaid Eligibility Determinations Audit of County Medicaid Determinations

SL 2017-57, Section 11H.22.(i) - Implementation of NC FAST Training and Certification Program

February 2018

SL 2017-57, Sec. 11F.9 - Adult and Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Pilot Program

SL 2017-57, Sec. 11J.2.(c) – Report on Medical Education Programs and Medical Residency Programs in North Carolina

Section 122C-124.2 - LME-MCO certification

January 2018

SL 2017-57, Sec. 11H.13(c) - Graduate Medical Education Medicaid Reimbursement

SL 2015-245, Section 13.(e).(8) – Operational Overview of the Medicaid and NC Health Choice Programs for SFY 2018

Management Flexibility Reduction, Joint Conference Committee Report, Section G, Item 140

SL 2016-94, Section 12F.10.(a-d) and SL 2017-57, Section 11F.6.(a-b) - Strategic Plan for Improvement of Behavioral Health Services

December 2017

SL 2017-57, Section 11H.14A.(b) - Plan to Establish Medicaid Coverage for Ambulance Transports to Alternative Appropriate Care Locations

SL 2017-57, Sec. 11H.2. - The Medicaid Annual Report

November 2017

SL 2017-57, Sec. 11H.21. - Medicaid Eligibility Determination Timeliness

SL 2017-57, Sec. 11H.22.(b) - Medicaid Eligibility Determination Accuracy

SL 2017-57, Sec. 11H.14.(b) - Plan to Implement Coverage for Home Visits for Pregnant Women and Families with Young Children

October 2017

SL 2017-57, Section 11H.20.(d) - Report on Medicaid Eligibility Monitoring Multistate Cooperative Participation Determination