Beneficiaries: End of COVID-19 Federal Public Health Emergency (PHE)

Since it began in January 2020, the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) helped prevent NC Medicaid beneficiaries from losing their health coverage during the pandemic, even if someone’s eligibility changed. The PHE currently extends through later this year. While we do not know for certain when the PHE will end, NC Medicaid wants to help beneficiaries understand any potential impacts and steps they can take to be ready.

Actions Beneficiaries Can Take Today

Starting now and through the end of the PHE, there are two key actions beneficiaries can take.

  1.  Report all changes, including updating address and other information:

    • Do not miss important benefit communications – provide a current mailing address, phone number and contact information to your Local DSS.
    • Report any life changes to your local DSS as these may impact beneficiary coverage. These changes may include marriage or divorce, the birth of a baby, starting a new job or moving to another state.
  2. Check your mail. Your local DSS will send a notice if any information is needed. It is very important to respond if DSS asks for information.

For more information on NC Medicaid, please visit the NC Medicaid Beneficiary Portal.