Topics Related to Care Management Providers

Prior to submitting an application for Advanced Medical Home/Care Management Agency Certification, please download and utilize the Provider Directory Listing Report.

Capacity building FAQs, guidance on the use of extenders, standard terms and conditions, and Provider Manual updates.

The week of October 11, Carolina Access practices will receive a new PCCM agreement from CCNC. Signing this agreement allows practices to receive or continue to receive practice assignment data or quality data for NC Medicaid Direct beneficiaries. This does not apply to Carolina Access providers participating in the EBCI Tribal Option.

Ensure compliance with the HCBS final rule and prepare Tailored Plans and Providers for the launch of Tailored Care Management.

This article covers: Clinical Coverage Policy 12B and State Plan Amendment, 2018 Recertification Process, Stakeholder Engagement and, History and Purpose of HIV Case Management Services.