Waiver Services

NC Innovations provides many different services that you can use based on your Individual Support Plan (ISP). For detailed information, see North Carolina Innovations Clinical Coverage Policy 8-P. See the page numbers by each service for additional information.

Assistive Technology (page 36)

  • Purchase equipment to help you with daily life tasks
  • Allows for smart home technology

There is a $50,000 limit over the course of five years (the duration of the waiver) when combined with Home Modifications.

Community Living and Support (page 39)

  • Become more independent
  • Learn how to connect with others in your community
  • Learn skills such as shopping and banking
  • Manage eating, bathing, dressing, personal care, hygiene and other daily activities
  • Extra support for health and safety reasons.

Community Navigator (page 42)

  • Learn about your community
  • Build connections
  • Learn about self-direction and self-determination

Community Networking (page 47)

  • Find volunteer work
  • Take integrated classes
  • Pay for membership to these activities

Community Transition (page 51)

  • Pay for security deposits
  • Pay for moving fees
  • Buy furniture and other things you need for your new home
  • Pay to set up your water, electric and/or heating
  • Pay for services that make your new home safe and healthy

Community Transition can only be used one time. There is a limit of $5,000.

Crisis Services (page 53)

  • Get help day or night
  • Stay out of a facility or hospital
  • Make a plan to help you avoid a crisis

Day Supports (page 59)

  • Learn, keep or improve skills
  • Day Supports are generally provided in a group setting; however, one-to-one services are available if you need extra support

Respite (page 92)

Provides family caregivers relief from caregiver responsibilities

Financial Support Services (page 66)

File claims and process payroll for self-direction of services.

Home Modifications (page 68)

  • Make changes to your home that keep you healthy and safe
  • Add things that make it easier to get around in your home, such as ramps and stair lifts

There is a $50,000 limit over the course of 5 years (the duration of the waiver) when combined with Assistive Technology, Equipment and Supplies.

Individual Goods and Services (page 77)

  • Help people who self-direct their services pay for items or supplies need less Medicaid services
  • Become more included in the community
  • Increase your safety at home

You can only use Individual Goods and Services if you do not have any other way to pay for the item or the supplies. The cost limit for this service is $2,000 per year.

Natural Supports Education (page 79)

  • Help family and friends learn new or different ways to help you
  • Help family and friends learn how to use new equipment or supplies
  • Provides family and friends access to conferences and classes

Residential Supports (page 87)

  • Support in daily life activities in an out of home placement
  • Learn how to stay healthy and safe in the community
  • Learn new skills and do more things for yourself
  • Get to community activities and day programs

Specialized Consultation Services (page 25)

Provides family caregivers and staff with training and technical assistance in a specialty area such as psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy or nutrition.

  • Allows for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy evaluations for equipment when State Plan service limits have been exhausted
  • Helps family caregivers learn how to use specialized equipment such as assistive technology, home modifications and van modifications.

Supported Living (page 108)

  • Support in living in a home that you own or rent
  • Learn new skills and do more things for yourself
  • Manage eating, bathing, dressing, personal care, hygiene and other daily activities

Supported Employment (page 103)

  • Find a paying job in an integrated setting
  • Learn new job skills
  • Start your own business

Supported employment can be provided long-term for ongoing job support.

Vehicle Modifications (page 25)

  • Pay for changes to a vehicle that make it easier and safer for you to get around in the community
  • Vehicle Modifications can only be used on a vehicle that you already have and the vehicle must be insured
  • There is a $20,000 cost limit over 5 years (duration of waiver).

If you have feedback or questions, please email: IDDListeningSessions@dhhs.nc.gov.

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