Topics Related to Division of Health Benefits

Effective immediately, a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist or a physician assistant may order home health services.

Provider guidance for reimbursement, enrollment and providing care for Medicaid beneficiaries

NC Medicaid is continuing the extension of the temporary/interim estimated legislative rate increases.

Final authority needs to be granted by the General Assembly

Includes provider recredentialing/reverification, Medicaid expansion, Tailored Plan implementation and more.

CPT code 99417 (Prolonged outpatient evaluation and management service(s) time with or without direct patient contact beyond the required time of the primary service when the primary service level has been selected using total time, each 15 minutes of total time) is now allowed to be billed with 99245, 99345 and 99350.

This bulletin provides information about referrals for specialty care for NC Medicaid beneficiaries.

This bulletin provides updates on NC Medicaid’s Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) reimbursement program.

All providers who have not yet connected are encouraged to sign a Participation Agreement and participate in the onboarding process.

Includes flexibilities related to Tailored Plans and Healthy Opportunities Pilots