Electronic Visit Verification Update: Implementation Flexibilities End Jan. 31, 2021

Thursday, January 21, 2021

On Jan. 1, 2021, State Plan Personal Care Services, Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP/DA) and Community Alternatives Program for Children (CAP/C) providers began capturing electronic visit verification (EVV) visits through their selected solution. In the Dec. 31, 2020 Medicaid Bulletin, NC Medicaid acknowledged challenges with implementing EVV and provided flexibility through Jan. 31, 2021 for providers to resolve any challenges with their EVV solution. After Jan. 31, 2021, providers are required to capture EVV visits for all beneficiaries subject to EVV. Claims paid for services that are not captured through EVV may be subject to recoupment. 

EVV allows visit capture through use of multiple technologies.

Option One: Mobile Application

The preferred method of EVV visit capture is through a mobile application. For providers using the State’s solution, the mobile application is Sandata Mobile Connect. Use of a mobile application to collect EVV visits ensures the accurate collection of data to confirm the start and end times, and the location of the visit using GPS coordinates. As visit capture is solely a function of the caregiver/aide, downloading of the mobile application on the beneficiary’s device is not allowed to confirm the start and end times and the location of the visits.

Option Two: Telephony

If use of the mobile application is not available to the caregiver/aide, telephony (access by phone) is the second option that may be used to capture visits. Telephony may be used on landlines or cellular devices. To meet the requirements for capturing visits and to not place burden on the beneficiary to verify, it is preferred that caregiver/aide use a landline to validate the visit. While cell phones may be used to capture visits, caregivers/aides are prohibited from utilizing the beneficiary’s cellphone. Providers are to exercise discretion if they elect to allow caregivers/aides to utilize cellphones to capture EVV via telephony. Providers must create a policy for the use of telephony that protects the interest of the beneficiary.

Option Three: Fixed Visit Verification

The third option that can be used to capture visits is through Fixed Visit Verification (FVV). This option should be considered when the download of a mobile application or telephony is not available. Provider agencies that are using the State’s EVV solution may purchase or lease an FVV device through Sandata. Providers may purchase FVV devices for a one-time cost of $85 per device or lease devices for $7 per device per month.        

Purchase Option

Lease Option

One-Time $85 Fee

Monthly $7 Fee per unit

No Lost/Replacement Fee

(additional units can be purchased if needed)

Lost/replacement fee of $20 applies

No Returns Required

Monthly fee incurred until unit is returned to Sandata

To purchase an FVV, complete the North Carolina Provider FVV Purchase Request. To lease an FVV, complete the North Carolina Provider FVV Lease Request.  Both forms are located on the NC Medicaid EVV webpage under Provider Resources and Service Codes.

For more information about EVV, please visit the NC Medicaid EVV webpage.