SPECIAL BULLETIN COVID-19 #157: Final Reconciliation of Nursing Home Staff Testing Payments Authorized Under Secretarial Orders 2 and 4

Monday, February 15, 2021

NC Medicaid is initiating its final phase of reconciling projected versus actual testing cost submission activity for nursing home staff testing payments authorized under Secretarial Orders 2 and 4 on March 1, 2021. 

This reconciliation process was referenced in SPECIAL BULLETIN COVID-19 #129: Reporting Requirements and Financial Support to Nursing Homes under Secretarial Order No. 2 and further explained in SPECIAL BULLETIN COVID-19 #146: Update on CARES Act-Funded Payments to Nursing Facility Providers and Availability of Extension Funding.

As communicated in Special Bulletin COVID-19 #146 and related trainings:

  • March 1, 2021, is the final submission deadline for testing costs allowable under Secretarial Orders 2 and 4.
  • Nursing home providers who submitted projected cost cases for staff testing must submit corresponding actual cost cases through the Original Funding option on the COVID-19: Nursing Home Testing portal no later than March 1, 2021.
  • Each actual cost case must include a valid invoice or purchase order.
  • Nursing home providers must submit an aggregated staff roster, which provides staff-level detail of each actual case submitted, with its final actual cost submission.
  • If a provider identifies an error that resulted in overpayment, the provider must communicate immediately to Medicaid.ProviderReimbursement@dhhs.nc.gov for additional instructions.

March 1, 2021, will serve as the end date of the testing payment initiative authorized under Secretarial Orders 2 and 4 (projected cost submissions reconciled against actual invoices).

NC Medicaid will begin recouping remaining outstanding overpayments in NC Tracks checkwrites after March 1, 2021.

Phase II Extension Payments Remain Available After March 1, 2021

Phase II (Extension Funding) payments communicated in Special Bulletin COVID-19 #146 remain available to support nursing home staff testing costs incurred after Dec. 30, 2020. Extension Funding payments will remain subject to funding availability.

For training materials and the staff roster template, please see materials under Secretarial Order No. 4: Reporting and Payment Resources section of the NC Medicaid Status Reporting for Reimbursement webpage.